Source code for webdriver_test_tools.webdriver.locate

"""Utility functions for locating elements"""

from import By

[docs]def by_element_text(element_text, element_type='*', exact_match=False): """Returns a locator that selects an element with the specified text :param element_text: The text of the element to locate. :param element_type: (Optional) The tag type of the element. If unspecified, will search all tag types for the specified text. :param exact_match: (Default = False) If True, will only match elements with the exact string as its text. If False, match elements whose text contains the specified string but may also contain other text. :return: Locator selecting elements by the specified text """ select_expression_format = 'text()={text}' if exact_match else 'contains(text(), "{text}")' xpath_format = '//{tag_type}[{select_expr}]' select_expression = select_expression_format.format(text=element_text) element_xpath = xpath_format.format(tag_type=element_type, select_expr=select_expression) return By.XPATH, element_xpath
[docs]def input_elements(exclude_buttons=False): """Return a locator that selects ``input``, ``select``, ``textarea``, and (optionally) ``button`` elements To narrow down results, this is best used on the conainer element where the desired inputs are located. E.g.: .. code-block:: python form_element = driver.find_element_by_id('form-id') input_elements = form_element.find_elements(*locate.input_elements()) :param exclude_buttons: (Default = False) If set to True, omit button elements from selector :return: Locator selecting input elements """ css_string = 'input,select,textarea' if not exclude_buttons: css_string += ',button' return By.CSS_SELECTOR, css_string