The webdriver_test_tools package utilizes Selenium WebDriver for automation, which requires some additional set up on top of installing the package.



The framework requires Python 3.4 or greater and pip, which is included with Python 3.4+ by default.


In order to use Selenium, drivers will need to be installed for any browser tests will be run on. The default browser configuration for test projects enables Chrome and Firefox. To install these drivers using Homebrew on macOS:


brew install geckodriver


brew cask install chromedriver


You may need to run brew tap homebrew/cask before attempting to install chromedriver

For a list of all compatible drivers and an overview of what features are supported by each, see this table.

Installing webdriver_test_tools

After installing one or more compatible drivers, install webdriver_test_tools by running:

pip install webdriver_test_tools

To verify the installation, check the version number by running:

wtt --version