Source code for webdriver_test_tools.pageobject.yaml

from abc import ABC, abstractmethod
from webdriver_test_tools.pageobject import utils, BasePage

[docs]class YAMLParsingPageObject(BasePage, ABC): """Abstract subclass of :class:`BasePage <webdriver_test_tools.pageobject.base.BasePage>` with the basic attributes and abstract method for parsing YAML representations of page objects. Since this subclasses :class:`BasePage <webdriver_test_tools.pageobject.base.BasePage>`, prototypes that implement this only need to subclass ``YAMLParsingPageObject``. Page object prototypes that implement this will need to set the following attribute: :var YAMLParsingPageObject._YAML_ROOT_KEY: String for the expected root key in the parsed YAML. Usually a descriptor of the prototype (e.g. 'form') The abstract method :meth:`parse_yaml` is partially implemented and returns the results of parsing the YAML file and retrieving the value at ``_YAML_ROOT_KEY``. Implementations of ``parse_yaml()`` can call ``super().parse_yaml(file_name)`` to get the dictionary, e.g.: .. code-block:: python def parse_yaml(self, file_name): parsed_yaml = super().parse_yaml(file_path) ... This class also includes the following attribute, which should be set in subclasses of the prototype classes that implement this: :var YAMLParsingPageObject.YAML_FILE: Path to a YAML file representing the page object. This file is parsed during initialization using :meth:`parse_yaml` (if it's set) """ # TODO: abstract property? _YAML_ROOT_KEY = None YAML_FILE = None def __init__(self, driver): super().__init__(driver) if self.YAML_FILE: self.parse_yaml(self.YAML_FILE) elif hasattr(self, 'no_yaml_init') and callable(self.no_yaml_init): self.no_yaml_init()
[docs] @abstractmethod def parse_yaml(self, file_path): """Partially implemented abstract method for parsing YAML representation of the page object. Implementations of this can call ``super().parse_yaml(file_path)`` to get the value of the parsed file at :attr:`_YAML_ROOT_KEY` :param file_path: Full path to the YAML file :return: Dictionary of parsed YAML at :attr:`_YAML_ROOT_KEY` """ try: parsed_yaml = utils.yaml.parse_yaml_file(file_path)[self._YAML_ROOT_KEY] except KeyError as e: raise utils.yaml.YAMLKeyError( "Missing top level '{}' key in YAML".format(self._YAML_ROOT_KEY) ) return parsed_yaml
[docs] def no_yaml_init(self): """Fallback method to call during ``__init__()`` if :attr:`YAML_FILE` is not set. Subclasses should implement this method if any part of the initialization process needs to be handled differently when :attr:`YAML_FILE` is not set. """ pass