Source code for webdriver_test_tools.config.test

from colour_runner.runner import ColourTextTestRunner

[docs]class TestSuiteConfig: """Configurations for test suite""" #: ``unittest.TestRunner`` class to use when running tests RUNNER_CLASS = ColourTextTestRunner #: Dictionary mapping parameter names to desired values used to initialize #: the ``TestRunner`` configured in :attr:`RUNNER_CLASS` RUNNER_KWARGS = {} DEFAULT_VERBOSITY = 2 """Value used if the ``verbosity`` parameter is unspecified when calling :meth:`get_runner()`. .. note:: - Conflict may occur if ``'verbosity'`` is set in :attr:`RUNNER_KWARGS`. Be sure to use :attr:`DEFAULT_VERBOSITY` instead for setting this value. - :meth:`get_runner()` assumes the :attr:`RUNNER_CLASS` constructor takes a ``verbosity`` parameter in its constructor. If using a custom test runner class that doesn't support this, you should override the :meth:`get_runner()` method in your project's ``TestSuiteConfig`` class. """ # Functions
[docs] @classmethod def get_runner(cls, verbosity=None): """Returns :attr:`RUNNER_CLASS` object using :attr:`RUNNER_KWARGS` to initialize :param verbosity: (Optional) value to use for the ``verbosity`` parameter when initializing the test runner. Uses :attr:`DEFAULT_VERBOSITY` if unspecified. :return: The initialized ``TestRunner`` object """ if verbosity is None: verbosity = cls.DEFAULT_VERBOSITY return cls.RUNNER_CLASS(verbosity=verbosity, **cls.RUNNER_KWARGS)