Source code for webdriver_test_tools.config.browser

from webdriver_test_tools.testcase.browsers import *

[docs]class BrowserConfig: """Configurations for which browsers to generate tests for""" #: Dictionary mapping browser names to a boolean. True enables the browser, #: False disables it. Defaults to Chrome and Firefox since they're not #: platform specific ENABLED_BROWSERS = { Browsers.FIREFOX: True, Browsers.CHROME: True, Browsers.SAFARI: False, Browsers.IE: False, Browsers.EDGE: False, Browsers.CHROME_MOBILE: False, }
[docs] @classmethod def get_browser_classes(cls, browser_names=None): """Get a list of enabled browser classes :param browser_names: (Optional) List of browser names to get classes for :return: List of enabled browser test case classes """ if browser_names is None: browser_names = cls.ENABLED_BROWSERS.keys() else: # Use only valid browser names browser_names = [ browser_name for browser_name in browser_names if browser_name in cls.ENABLED_BROWSERS.keys() ] browser_classes = [ browser_class for short_name, browser_class in Browsers.TEST_CLASSES.items() if short_name in browser_names and cls.ENABLED_BROWSERS[short_name] ] return browser_classes
[docs] @classmethod def get_browser_names(cls): """Returns a list of short names for enabled browser classes :return: List of short names for enabled browser test case classes """ return [ browser_name for browser_name, is_enabled in cls.ENABLED_BROWSERS.items() if is_enabled ]
[docs]class BrowserStackConfig(BrowserConfig): """Global configurations for BrowserStack testing""" #: Set to True to enable BrowserStack testing ENABLE = False #: Account username. Projects will need to override this USERNAME = None #: Access key. Projects will need to override this ACCESS_KEY = None #: BrowserStack test configurations. #: `Capabilities reference #: <>`__ BS_CAPABILITIES = { 'project': None, '': False, } # Methods
[docs] @classmethod def get_command_executor(cls): """Returns the command executor URL :return: Command executor URL formatted with :attr:`USERNAME` and :attr:`ACCESS_KEY` """ if not cls.USERNAME or not cls.ACCESS_KEY: raise Exception('USERNAME or ACCESS_KEY not set in BrowserStackConfig') url_format = 'http://{USERNAME}:{ACCESS_KEY}' command_executor = url_format.format(USERNAME=cls.USERNAME, ACCESS_KEY=cls.ACCESS_KEY) return command_executor
[docs] @classmethod def add_browserstack_capabilities(cls, desired_capabilities): """Update a desired capabilities dictionary to include items from :attr:`BS_CAPABILITIES` :param desired_capabilities: Desired capabilities dictionary to update """ desired_capabilities.update(cls.BS_CAPABILITIES)
[docs] @classmethod def update_configurations(cls, **capabilities): """Update BrowserStack configurations at runtime :param \**capabilities: Keyword arguments for BrowserStack configurations. Possible arguments include: - ``build`` (string) - Name for the group of tests - ``video`` (boolean) - True to enable video recording, False to disable it """ caps_map = { 'build': 'build', 'video': '', } capabilities = {k: v for k, v in capabilities.items() if k in caps_map} for capability, value in capabilities.items(): cls.BS_CAPABILITIES[caps_map[capability]] = value