Source code for webdriver_test_tools.common.cmd.argparse

"""Extended ArgumentParser class and common argparse utilities"""
import argparse
import sys

from webdriver_test_tools.__about__ import __documentation__

# Extended ArgumentParser class

[docs]class ArgumentParser(argparse.ArgumentParser): """Extended ArgumentParser class with support for default subparser"""
[docs] def set_default_subparser(self, name, subcommand_arg_position=1): """default subparser selection. Call after setup, just before parse_args() :param name: is the name of the subparser to call by default :param subcommand_arg_position: (Default: 1) The position where subcommand arguments should be. 0 is the name of the module being run, so should be > 0 Based on: """ subparser_found = False for arg in sys.argv[1:]: if arg in ['-h', '--help']: # global help if no subparser break else: for x in self._subparsers._actions: if not isinstance(x, argparse._SubParsersAction): continue for sp_name in x._name_parser_map.keys(): if sp_name in sys.argv[1:]: subparser_found = True if not subparser_found: # insert default in position specified by subcommand_arg_position sys.argv.insert(subcommand_arg_position, name)
# Common argparse items #: Generic "for more information" argument parser epilog ARGPARSE_EPILOG = 'For more information, visit <{}>'.format(__documentation__)
[docs]def get_generic_parent_parser(include_version=False): """Returns a generic :class:`ArgumentParser <webdriver_test_tools.cmd.argparse.ArgumentParser>` with ``--help`` and (optionally) ``--version`` arguments :param include_version: (Default: False) If True, include ``--version`` argument :return: Generic :class:`ArgumentParser <webdriver_test_tools.cmd.argparse.ArgumentParser>` with a 'General' argument group with ``--help`` and (optionally) ``--version`` arguments """ generic_parent_parser = ArgumentParser(add_help=False) group = generic_parent_parser.add_argument_group('General') group.add_argument('-h', '--help', action='help', help='Show this help message and exit') if include_version: group.add_argument('-V', '--version', action='store_true', help='Show version number and exit') return generic_parent_parser