Source code for webdriver_test_tools.cmd.init

import os
import re
import sys

from webdriver_test_tools.common import cmd
from webdriver_test_tools.project.initialize import initialize

[docs]def main(args): """Command line dialogs for initializing a test project This method takes the parsed command line arguments as a parameter. It's assumed that the ``init`` subparser was added to the ``ArgumentParser`` object via the :func:`add_init_subparser()` method before parsing. The ``init`` subparser has optional arguments for each of this method's prompts. ``package_name`` is the only argument required to create the package, so this method will attempt to bypass input prompts if it's set to something other than ``None``. If ``package_name`` is ``None`` but one or more of the other parameters are not ``None``, this method will attempt to bypass their corresponding input prompts if the value passed as a parameter is valid. :param args: The ``Namespace`` object returned by ``parser.parse_args()``. It is assumed that the ``init`` subparser was added to the ``ArgumentParser`` that returned this ``Namespace`` """ # Retrieve values from args package_name = args.package_name project_title = args.project_title gitignore = args.no_gitignore readme = args.no_readme # For Ctrl + C handling initialize_start = False # Handle any optional arguments if package_name is not None: # project_title defaults to package_name if not specified if project_title is None: project_title = package_name # gitignore and readme default to True if not otherwise specified gitignore = 'y' if gitignore is None or gitignore else 'n' readme = 'y' if readme is None or readme else 'n' try: print(cmd.COLORS['title']('Test Project Initialization') + '\n') # Prompt for input if no package name is passed as a parameter validated_package_name = cmd.prompt( 'Package name', 'Enter a name for the test package', '(use only alphanumeric characters and underscores. Cannot start with a number)', validate=cmd.validate_package_name, parsed_input=package_name ) # Prompt for optional project title, default to validated_package_name validated_project_title = cmd.prompt( 'Project title', '(Optional) Enter a human-readable name for the test project', '(can use alphanumeric characters, spaces, hyphens, and underscores)', default=validated_package_name, validate=validate_project_title, parsed_input=project_title ) # Ask if gitignore files should be generated gitignore_files = cmd.prompt( 'Create .gitignore files (y/n)', 'Create .gitignore files for project root and log directory?', '(Ignores python cache files, package install files, local driver logs, etc)', default='y', validate=cmd.validate_yn, parsed_input=gitignore ) # Ask if README should be generated readme_file = cmd.prompt( 'Create README file (y/n)', 'Generate README file?', '(README contains information on command line usage and directory structure)', default='y', validate=cmd.validate_yn, parsed_input=readme ) # Create project package print('Creating test project...') initialize_start = True initialize(os.getcwd(), validated_package_name, validated_project_title, gitignore_files, readme_file) print(cmd.COLORS['success']('Project initialized.') + '\n') print( 'To get started, set the SITE_URL for the project in {}/config/\n'.format(validated_package_name), 'To create a new test, run:', cmd.INDENT + 'python -m {} new test <module_name> <TestCaseClass>\n'.format(validated_package_name), 'To create a new page object, run:', cmd.INDENT + 'python -m {} new page <module_name> <PageObjectClass>\n'.format(validated_package_name), cmd.argparse.ARGPARSE_EPILOG, sep='\n' ) except KeyboardInterrupt: print('') if initialize_start: msg = 'Initialization was cancelled mid-operation.' print(cmd.COLORS['warning'](msg)) sys.exit()
# Subparser
[docs]def add_init_subparser(subparsers, parents=[]): """Add subparser for the ``wtt init`` command :param subparsers: ``argparse._SubParsersAction`` object for the ``wtt`` ArgumentParser (i.e. the object returned by the ``add_subparsers()`` method) :param parents: (Default: ``[]``) Parent parsers for the init subparser :return: ``argparse.ArgumentParser`` object for the newly added ``init`` subparser """ init_description = 'Initialize a new test project in the current directory. \ If no arguments are provided, a prompt will walk you through project initialization.' init_help = init_description init_parser = subparsers.add_parser( 'init', description=init_description, help=init_help, epilog=cmd.argparse.ARGPARSE_EPILOG, parents=parents, add_help=False, ) # Positional Arguments positional_args = init_parser.add_argument_group('Positional Arguments') package_name_help = 'Name for the new test package \ (alphanumeric characters and underscores only. Cannot start with a number)' positional_args.add_argument( 'package_name', metavar='<package_name>', nargs='?', default=None, help=package_name_help ) project_title_help = '(Optional) Friendly name for the test project. \ Defaults to the value of <package_name> if not provided' positional_args.add_argument( 'project_title', metavar='<"Project Title">', nargs='?', default=None, help=project_title_help ) # Optional Arguments optional_args_description = 'Override default behaviour when initializing a project from the command line.' optional_args = init_parser.add_argument_group( 'Options', optional_args_description ) no_gitignore_help = 'Do not create .gitignore files for project root and log directory' optional_args.add_argument( '--no-gitignore', action='store_false', default=None, help=no_gitignore_help ) no_readme_help = 'Do not generate README file with usage info' optional_args.add_argument( '--no-readme', action='store_false', default=None, help=no_readme_help ) return init_parser
# User Input Prompts
[docs]def validate_project_title(project_title): """Sanitizes string to avoid syntax errors when inserting the title into template files :param project_title: The desired project title :return: Modifed project_title with only alphanumeric characters, spaces, underscores, and hyphens """ # Trim outer whitespace and remove that aren't alphanumeric or an underscore/hyphen validated_project_title = re.sub(r'[^\w\s-]', '', project_title.strip()) if not validated_project_title: raise cmd.ValidationError('Please enter a valid project title.') # Alert user of any changes made in validation if project_title != validated_project_title: cmd.print_validation_change( '"{0}" was changed to "{1}" to avoid syntax errors', project_title, validated_project_title ) return validated_project_title