I'm a full stack software engineer in Chicago. I build websites, apps, libraries, and tools. I'm currently working on the Sophia team at Wellspring Software.




  • Python
  • PHP
  • JavaScript (ES5, ES6)
  • MySQL
  • CSS/Sass
  • HTML
  • Java
  • Bash

Frameworks / Libraries:

  • React
  • jQuery
  • Django
  • Wagtail
  • Bootstrap
  • Processing
  • Selenium

Software / Tools:

  • Node.js
  • Docker
  • Webpack
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • BrowserStack
  • Jenkins


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  • Worked with business teams to analyze problems, discover requirements, and develop solutions.
  • Collaborated with the engineering team to design, build, and revise libraries, plugins, and tools.
  • Integrated closely with QA and Ops teams to deliver high quality software and systems, including agile planning, code review, automated testing, and continuous integration.
  • Developed several internal tools to automate and streamline common developer tasks.
  • Developed a boilerplate framework for building websites using the Wagtail CMS.
  • Created a framework for front end test automation using Python and Selenium WebDriver.
  • Developed and managed sites using Django, Wagtail, and Adobe Experience Manager.
  • Implemented SaltStack as a configuration management system for the Computer Science lab.
  • Collaborated with the Computer Science lab system administrator using Git, Bitbucket, and Trello.
  • Made contributions to the SaltStack open source project on GitHub.
  • Created responsive web applications using HTML, CSS/Sass, Bootstrap, JavaScript, and jQuery.
  • Used PHP, MySQL, and Apache for backend development and Ajax to coordinate with front end.
  • Responsible for supervising and assisting student techs at the IT service desk.
  • Provided training for newer student techs on troubleshooting and office procedures.
  • Created a dashboard web application to display system statuses, messages, and appointments.
  • Developed scripts to automate support procedures commonly performed by service desk technicians.
  • Packaged and deployed software for automated installation on college-owned computers.
  • Managed campus computers using Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2012.
  • Provided technical support for faculty and students over the phone, through email, and in person.
  • Worked with clients to troubleshoot and resolve hardware, software, and network issues.

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Personal Projects

Channel ⇄ Shift

A web app for creating "glitch art" by shifting and swapping an image's RGB color channels, developed as a web app with an intuitive UI to make it easily accessible for anyone to use. Built with React and P5.js.

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React Counter App

A simple web app for creating customizable counters. Each counter can have a custom name, color, increment/decrement value, and reset value. Counters can easily be reordered by clicking and dragging them into place. Created using React and MUI’s Material UI library.

Channel ⇄ Shift Classic

An older version of the Channel Shift tool created with Processing. Includes some experimental features that haven't been ported to the web app.

Chicago ASCII Art

Bash scripts for displaying ASCII art of Chicago flag/skyline in the terminal.

iTerm2 Tab Color

Bash functions for setting the iTerm 2 tab/title bar color using their proprietary escape codes.

Git Workflow Tools

Python command line tools to streamline our team's Git workflow.

Python Random User Generator

A Python class for generating random user information using the randomuser.me API.

Python Lorem Ipsum Generator

Python module for generating placeholder text using the loripsum.net API. Includes a command line tool to generate text from the terminal and copy it to the clipboard.

Vim Runtime

My runtime configurations for vim and neovim.

Bash Runtime

My bashrc setup, designed to keep runtime configurations consistent across different bash versions, terminal emulators, and operating systems.

Selenium WebDriver Test Tools

Utilities for writing front-end test suites using Selenium WebDriver and Python unit tests. Supports all major browsers, mobile layout emulation, headless browsers, and running tests on BrowserStack.

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If you're looking to collaborate or just want to say hello, feel free to reach out!